The Malkovich Clan

                                           The Malkovich Clan

To start with, I am sad to say that I only have info and docs that go back to the days of Michael Malkovich although I have 7 translated letters and many un-translated papers and even though they were in Ukrainian (?), I could find names of relatives, cities, regions etc that led me to their home villages. Once these are translated there could be more info to share. 

From the 1920 census Michael Malkovich immigrated to America in 1906 and what my father told me was that the rest of the family came over on the last ship to leave Europe for America before the war which might be around 1914 so Michael must have been here earlier.

My Grandfather Michael came from the village of Tukhlya, Ukraine and my Grandmother came from the village of Hrebenova, Ukraine. These villages are only about 20 miles apart from each other. I remember my dad (John Malkovich Sr) telling me that his father (Michael Malkovich) was in the military and was riding thru the village of Hrebenova on horseback with his unit and seen my grandmother Mary. He told her that he was coming back for her which he did and latter married her.

We have seven letters that were from Peter Hrabowski (Grabowski?) which he told to a third party to write and were translated here in America but I do not know by whom. The first one was written to my Grandmother Mary Grabowski in 1960 but she had already passed on so my father John Malkovich took over the letter writing.

Some of the letters at first were very confusing as Peter keeps addressing himself as “brother” and of one blood but was signed by Peter Hrabowski . After much anguish and many days of trying to figure out what relation he was to the family and after discussing it with my sister Patti, I believe that the translator must have translated his last name using an H instead of a G.

His letters now would make sense.

If his last name is spelled Grabowski rather then Hrabrowski then it coincides with his statements like in the first letter written to Mary Grabowski. He said she was his Aunt and further states “and father who was your brother” would therefore make him a Grabowski. I further conclude that he is the nephew of Michael and Mary Grabowski Malkovich and a brother-in-law of John Malkovich, my father, and would be an Uncle to me.

Now I am able to associate a number of names that Peter gives calling them Uncle or Aunt. but does not associate any of them with whom they were related to a Grabowski or on his mothers side of the family Francis xxxx?? (I do not have info on her maiden name). It is the same when he gives the name of a grandfather and grandmother.


Phil Malkovich